What do Airport Gift Shop Buyers Look for in a New Product

The retail industry has become a very competitive business with the growing number of retail stores popping up. In the United States, many major airports have about 50-90 retail shops within small locations and for most, the numbers are growing. These stores fill their store shelves with a different assortment of products in a bid to give customers a variety to choose from. All these shops are seeking to attract more customers and improve product sales.

You need to have the right selection of products that will satisfy customers’ demands and are that are likely to attract their attention. This is the only way to ensure sales and maintaining customer loyalty.

Buyer shopping habits have evolved over the years, consumers have become more open to trying new brands and many of these new brands have been well embraced and are currently leading the market.

When a customer who is interested in making purchase walks into a shop and goes to scan through the shelves, there are certain product qualities that grab their attention:

Simple Design: When shopping buyers want to make quick decisions about the products they wish to purchase. They look for products with simple designs that look easy to use and packaged properly to enable easy transportation.

Avoid using multiple colors and illustrations in your product design as this may confuse the consumers. Consumers want something simple, yet beautiful. Messages should be expressed and printed clearly on product packages.

Connection with the product: When creating a product design or package use imagery that buyers can relate and connect with. If a shopper, who’s interested in trying a new product walks to the store shelf, he or she is more likely to go for the product that has a familiar feel.

Easy to Use: It is important to enlighten your buyers on how to use your product. Most buyers may purchase appealing product from stores, but unfamiliar with the usage. Instruction on how your product works must be clearly provided and simply displayed. Avoid using complicated words for your brands, shoppers want easy-to-use products.

Uniqueness: When similar products are added to a market with reputable competitors, shoppers are more likely to go for already existing products that they trust and are used to.

However, if a new product is introduced with better identification and a promise of satisfaction, in terms of better product packaging and convenience, consumers may be convinced to try them out.

Manufacturers, who know this, invest in product designs that attract shoppers.