Selling Products to Airport gift shops, what you need to know

Airports have become desirable shopping locations for many travelers, and this has greatly affected the number of retail stores in airport locations. For this reason, manufacturers have become interested in putting their products on the shelves of retail stores. Thus, new brands of gift items are continually being introduced into their shelves.

As a manufacturer wishing to sell products to airport stores, it’s important to ensure that, even at other locations in the country, your products cater for consumers’ needs.

Also, ensure that your product is suitable for the category of travelers that have access to airport. Retail stores are interested in products that will get off their shelves quickly, and your product may not make it onto the shelves if it’s not trendy.

Below is a list of important information any manufacturer interested in selling products to airport show should know:

Supply Channel

Selling a product to an airport retail store follows the same process as selling to conventional retail stores in the country, You first need to contact the airport store retail buyer. That is the product supplier or distributors in charge of buying products to these retail stores. They provide the right variety of products that are likely to sell to these retailers.

Obtaining a license

You may also be required to obtain a license, sometimes this depends on the nature of the product you are offering these retail stores. Airport are government-owned and ensuring utmost security in airport locations is important. This license application contains the nature of your business, the type of item you wish to sell to stores, your experience in the market among other information.

Thus, selling your product to retail stores may require you to go through the proper channels to obtain a license. This gives you the permission to store and sell your products to airport retail stores.

Offer Unique Products

Many retail stores are interested in offering new and unique gift items to travelers. They look for products that stand out and attract travelers to patronize their stores for unique offerings.

What’s more, there are certain perfumes, jewelry, and even snack products that are exclusive to certain airport retail stores and can’t be found in other stores.

This is a way of attracting new customers and keeping old ones. Therefore, as a manufacturer wanting to sell products to airport stores, you should offer unique and exceptional packages from what these stores are used to.

Product pricing

Products sold at the airport have reduced tax on them. The level of tax reduction, however, depends on the location of the airport.

Product pricing is therefore carried out by lowering the tax, and pricing products at reasonable and cost-effective charges.