How Many Airports Gift Shops are Out There

At present, there is a vast number of airport gift shops, too numerous to count. Airports are continually being designed to accommodate not just the transportation needs of their customers but also to provide whatever they may require in the course of their travels.

Many airport gift shops are being created and already existing ones are being modified to improve customer shopping experience because when it comes to shopping in these gift shops, travelers work with time. They need to be able to access what they require in a timely manner.

Although most airport retail shops are government-owned, many privately owned airports retail stores have developed in many parts of the country.

Paradies Lagardère is one of the biggest airport retailers in the United States. It was established in 1960 in the city of Georgia. Paradies Lagardère currently has 1035 retail stores in 103 airports in the United States. This number is only a fraction of the actual amount of retail stores in airports in the United States. Many major airports in the country have about 90 retail shops in their location offering products and services to travelers.

Here’s a list of some airport gift shops that provide high quality and interesting gift items to travelers in the USA:

Airport gift shop: Airport gift shop provides retail services to airports in Fargo. This airport gift retail store offers a variety of souvenirs and clothing items to travelers. Airport gift shop focuses on stocking locally made souvenirs such as handmade clothing items like beautifully embroidered Towels and other unique items made in Fargo. They also offer locally made candy and snack foods.

Life is good shops: Life is Good Shops are part of the larger Life is Good brand which has been in operations for 25 years. These privately-owned retail shops offer a wide range of items to their customers and have established loyalty among their customer during their 25 years of service. The retail shops have really grown over the years and continue to expand by offering high quality and unique items to customers particularly in Orlando, Florida.

Hudson Group: Predominantly in the North America, Hudson is one of the largest airport retailers. The group owns about 1000 retail locations not just in airports but in some hotels and tourist locations. This group has been in operations for 30 years, with its first store opened in La Guardia airport and has grown greatly with retail locations distributed in 37 states in the United States.

Peak News and Gifts: This retailer focuses on offering travelers with souvenirs, toys, travel luggage fashion accessories such as sunglasses, snacks, magazines, books, and newspapers. They offer their services to the airport in Denver, Colorado.

Houston! Souvenir Store Gate A7: Located in Houston, Texas, this airport retailer offers a variety of souvenirs made in Houston. They offer decorations, food wares, fashion accessories at reasonable prices.