5 Ways to Get your Product to Stand Out on the Shelf

Success in trading is achieved when customers find your product satisfying. This will lead to increased demand, more sales, and larger profits. Getting products to the right stores through the right channel plays a great role in this process.

But obtaining the right distribution channels for product delivery is not enough. As a manufacturer, it is important to ensure that your product is easy to sell and convenient to utilize.

The retail industry has become extremely competitive, there are thousands of products and brands on store shelves, and every day new products are being introduced. Thus, there’s the need to make your product enticing and stand out. Your product presentation and appearance must communicate a solution to the required need of the consumer.

Here are some of the qualities consumers look for in a product, and how to incorporate them to make your products standout:

Simple Designs: When developing product design, the watchword is simplicity. Keep your product design simple. Customers should get a sense of what your product is about easily, printed messages on the package must be clear and easy to do read.

Relevance: Your product design must communicate the purpose of your product. Consumers must be able to relate with your product. This is one of the ways of attracting the right category of customers. The product design and the product itself must be connected.

Most times, manufacturers end up creating a product design package that completely contradicts the product in a bid to develop something attractive. This must be avoided so you don’t confuse the customers.

Convenience: Convenience in product packaging simply means it must be of the right size, color, shape. Colors are tools used to inspire feelings in people. These are the major instrument used in making sure that your product is enticing, choosing the right color for your product package goes a long way in ensuring your product stands out on shelves. Avoid using dull colors.

Product packaging should also consider the size. Consumers want products that are easy to transport and move.

Adequate Information: Information about how the product works and how it can be maintained must be provided clearly on the product package. Be honest and positive while conveying this information.

Uniqueness: Explore new ideas in developing your product. Come up with new ways to distinct your product, incorporate new designs in your product design and packaging. Avoid imitating existing brands; this is one way of keeping products uniquely different from the competitive brands.